Varsity Head Coach

Kelly Nye-Hinkson

Varsity Assistant Coach


JV Head Coach

Kristie Amritt

JV Assistant Coach and

9th Grade Head Coach

Mickey Skelton


Dated:  8-26-18


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SPHS Girls Basketball Community Service

Very proud of the girls for getting out in the school community volunteering their time especially early in the morning!

Our first community service on Tuesday Sept 18th and Thursday Sept 20th at Dugan Elementary.  We helped with the car rider line.

Rank One and Clearance Physical

Rank One and Physical Clearance Form from Doctor

due 2 weeks before tryouts (Oct 8th).

Tryouts Oct 22nd

Please make sure Rank One is complete and an updated clearance physical has been given to Coach Nye-Hinkson prior to participation.

Academic Grades

Coach Skelton is our team's academic advisor. If you received an email regarding their performance in class please be sure to respond back to him acknowledging. We work closely with their teachers daily. As coaches the players being successful in the classroom is utmost important to us. Anyone who has a 70 or below is going to be asked to attend tutoring in the morning or afternoon until the grade is passing. Any questions or concerns please let us know. Thanks so much!

Fall League Information

Click Below for:

Fall League Schedule

We are very excited for the turn out for fall league this season. Its the most players in school history wanting to get on the court. Playing extra games before the season is a great opportunity for the girls. 

I wanted to reiterate from the player/parent meeting we had last Friday. 

We have 17 girls playing fall league. Unfortunately only 5 players can be on the court at once. Mr. Haynes will be volunteering his time to coach the girls and making sure each player see's some playing time on the court. No 1 player will be playing the entire game. The rules are 20 minute halves running clock, so the time moves very fast. The coaching staff is not looking at the score board for a win or lose.  We also have a mixture of veteran players, young players,  players new to the team, and even an 8th grader playing fall league. 

Once the season approaches with tryouts we will have 3 squads. 9th grade team, JV, and Varsity level. Playing time is earned in practice along with being coachable, positive attitude, work ethic, etc. 

Hope this helps answers some questions. We want all players to enjoy fall league in preparation for the season.  Again, this is a time for the girls to have fun and start bonding on and off the court together. 

Volunteer Positions Available for Girls Basketball Program

Volunteer Names Highlighted Below:  Thank you for volunteering.

For the success of our program we need volunteers for several items on the agenda. As always in advance we appreciate all the support and help.  The Girls basketball is looking and is in need of volunteers.  If you are interested in the success of the 2018-2019 girls basketball season, then we need you.  Below is a list of position if you are interested:

1) 9th  score book keeper home and away ( free admission to games)

2) JV score book keeper home and away ( free admission to games)

3) V score book keeper home and away ( free admission to games)

Concessions Coordinator:  Karen Carapia ( free admission to games):  Set up the schedule for home games, set up the concessions for games, communicate to parents all concession needs, communicate with coach items needed for concessions

*Everyone will need to volunteer for at least 2 games during the season parents and players both*

Pre Game Meal Coordinator:  Natalie Owens ( free admission to games):  Set up a schedule for pre game meals, we will need pre game meals/snacks provided for home and away games during the week for the girls team ( these items need to be store bought or business donations or church donations nothing homemade. 

6) Fundraising Coordinator:  We have several fundraisers that have been board approved . We need help with promoting and encouraging each one of these during the season. We need someone to be in charge of these, the coaches will handle the money side, but organizing, ordering, etc

7) Sponsorship Coordinator:  Deliver Letters and Forms to businesses. Each player will receive a letter and form as well, but we need to reach as many local businesses and individuals to help support the program during the season.

8) Youth and Junior Basketball Coordinator ( free admission to games):  We will need help with concessions, score book, and clock keeper for home events. (Usually 5-7 home games) We will be asking players to participate in this as well. 

Its imperative for the success of our program for us to work as a family to make sure everything is run smoothly and needs are met during the season. 

Pre-Season Conditioning and Weights

Our pre- season conditioning and weights will begin Tuesday Sept 4th 330-430pm. Those are held every TT 330-430pm until tryouts Oct 22nd. Commitment and dedication to these is very important for the upcoming season. If a player is to miss it is their responsible to contact the coach.

Also, it is imperative that once conditioning and weights concludes each day players are picked up no later that 445pm in the back parking lot. Players should not be wondering the hallways or being pick up in the front of the building.  They must be with a coach at all times. Again, players must be picked up on time. Coaches have other responsibilities on and off campus. We appreciate your consideration.

Simply Sheets (Bed Sheets) Fundraiser

South Paulding High School Basketball needs your support! We have so much to do this year and reaching our financial goal is what is going to get us there. We can do this together. We are partnering with Simply Sheets Fundraising, offering the exclusive Anna Bella Bedding Collection this year to fundraise for our financial needs. This gives us an awesome opportunity to offer our friends and family a proven product they will use and enjoy; a product we can feel good about selling. This email is inviting you to use an amazing tool which will help us reach our friends and family with ease.
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All you need to do to share is this:

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This will provide you access to your sharing center where you can use Facebook or emails to share a special message and link to your friends and family.

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Note: If you have friends and family that live close, but not close enough to pay or pick up easily for your local community orders; just send them the link to the online store. They will spend a little more per sheet set than your community orders, but they get to pay online and receive their product quickly. It’s just easier.

Congratulations team. Happy Fundraising!

Here's a direct link

Community Service Opportunities

Our second opportunity will be the  Fall Festivals at Dugan Elementary and Nebo Elementary Oct 12th 5-8pm

Third opportunity, a few of our girls will participate in the Dugan Mentor Program on Tuesday's during the basketball season.