Varsity Head Coach

Kelly Nye-Hinkson

Varsity Assistant Coach:  Kristie Amritt

JV Head Coach:  Stephen Simpson

JV Varsity Assistant Coach: 

Kristie Amritt


Dated:  10-10-19



Dated:  11-6-19


2019 - 2020 SPHS Basketball Tryout Results


Kenzie Amritt

Shae Clark

Tamyra Demps

Jazmine Fuller

Reecia Gault

Hanna Moyer

Abi Owens

Rreanna Shultz

Debra Smalls


Olivia Haynes

Kontessa Joseph

Sakeiah Newell

Christian Rouse


Kaitlyn Aumus

Aubrie Burrell

Karmen Carapia

Kyla Flemister

Kassidy Hicks

Charlee Hunt

Destiny Jackson

Taylor Justice

Jaliyah Newell

Nadia Tucker

Tori Weeks

Basketball Program 2019 - 2020

Our girls teams will be featured in the program this season Juniors, JVG, and VG. Individual head shots will be in the program as well for the high school teams.

If you would like to have an individual shout out to your daughter please see attachment for AD. There is also a program AD for businesses wishing to sponsor.

The AD's are due to Mrs. Lindsey Davis by Friday Nov 22nd. She is Cc on this email.

Proceeds from the program will go to help support both boys and girls programs this season!

Fundraiser - Poinsettias - Due November 15th

Fundraiser - Simply Sheets - Due November 22nd

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Schedule Changes

JVG Wednesday game has been canceled by Lithia, and has been re scheduled for 1/8 @ LS 615pm.

VG will practice Wednesday now 730am. Arrive at 715am

Concession Donated Items for 2019 - 2020 Basketball Season

Please bring the following items to the meeting next week Wednesday 10/30 for girls basketball concessions donation items for the upcoming season. The items need to come from Sams, Cosco, and in bulk sizes. All the items are to help the program and our concessions stocked to start the season.

Kenzie Amritt Blow Pops and Air Heads
Shae Clark Regular Skittles
Tamyra Demps Large Container of Pickles
Jazmine Fuller Kit Kats
Reecia Gault Blow Pops and Air Heads
Hanna Moyer Variety Chip Box
Abi Owens Hots Dogs and Buns
Rreanna Shultz Nacho Cheese and Nacho Chip Bag
Debra Smalls Kit Kats

Olivia Haynes Hots Dogs and Buns
Kontessa Joseph Variety Chip Box
Sakeiah Newell M n M's and Peanut Butter M n M's
Christian Rouse Hots Dogs and Buns

Kaitlyn Aumus Sour Patch Kids and Sour Patch Straws
Aubrie Burrell Sour Patch Kids and Sour Patch Straws
Morgan Campbell Regular Skittles
Karmen Carapia Large Container of Pickles
Kyla Flemister Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Charlee Hunt Taki's
Destiny Jackson Hot Cheeto Fries
Taylor Justice Hot Fries
Jaliyah Newell Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Nadia Tucker M n M's and Peanut Butter M n M's
Tori Weeks Sour Skittles

Varsity Christmas Tournament

Parents of those who girls made varsity. Our Christmas tournament is in PCB, Florida.  We will need help with car pool, so parents will transport their individual child to the tournament.  I will go over all of this at the meeting 10.30.19 @ 6pm, but in advance so parents can go ahead plan and get reservations. We are staying at the:

Edgewater Beach Resort Dec 27-30th ( Players rooms have already been booked and taken care of by the school/program)
d use group code1138GD Rates start at $105.00

Marlin Christmas Classic Tournament Hospitality Sponsor: ?Resort Collection  Teams can call 800.874.8686 for reservations  Teams can reference special rates by asking for booking ID# ?1138GD  Teams can book online as well at ? and use group code 1138GD  Rates start at $105.00

Players will need to arrive at 4pm CST Dec 27th. Our first game is that night at 830pm CST - Brackets

Game Dec 28th. TBA either 1pm or 7pm CST

Sunday Dec 29th. This will be family and team bonding day together.  Skills competition will be later in the afternoon for the tournament. Players for that will be announced later for participation. 

Dec 30th. check- out and last game TBA. Players will depart back to Paulding County with their parents. 

We are looking forward to this tournament. We went to this tournament 17-18 and finished 2nd place.

Paulding County Basketball 4th Annual All Star Game, March 2019, Hanna Moyer and Kasie Brewer 2nd Team All County along with teammate Rreanna Shultz Honorable Mention

       Hoops for Hope 2019

Jersey and Staff Night 2019

Junior Recognition Night 2019

SPHS Girls Basketball 2018 - 2019

SPHS Girls Basketball Community Service